Lifeline is Andres Salaff's fourth year film made at Calarts. This is a story about lost love and what one will go through to get it back.

Lifeline from Andres Salaff on Vimeo.


May 2012

Lifeline is selected as one of three finalists for the Reel 13 film competition. The winner will be aired on the night of Saturday May, 12th on WNET New York.

February 2012

Lifeline is uploaded onto the Futureshorts Film Channel! Check it out here!
February, 2012

Lifeline is screened at movie night along with a bunch of my other films. It was a lot of fun to see old friends, its a great venue if you ever have the chance to check it out space 1520. Thanks to my buddy Anthony for making it happen.

August, 2011

The Media Center for Art, Education and Technology, in Salinas, California has created a one hour series called “shortssighted!” which compiles animated short films from around the world for broadcast on local TV. Lifeline will be airing in August/ September.

May, 2011
Lifeline, along with its little brother The Deadline (my 2nd year film from Calarts) will be featured in the 19th annual Anima Mundi festival in Brazil.

Jan 15th, 2011
Lifeline won Best Animated Film at the sacramento Film and music Festival

August 20th
Lifeline is announced as a finalist for the Angelus Film Festival 2010.

August 2nd
Lifeline is featured on Short of the Week. Andrew S. Allen is a wonderful filmmaker who curates short of the week. He wrote a great article about the piece. "The Thomas Beale Cipher" is Andrew's latest film which is amazing and is currently playing in festivals.

July 30th
Lifeline will be playing in this year's animation block party in New York, up on the roof!

July 22nd
Lifeline will be playing the 2010 Comic Con International Film Festival

June 15th 2010
Director Henry Selick presents Andres Salaff with the Bronze Medal at the Student Academy Awards at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater on June 15th..

May 2010
Lifeline is a Student Academy Award winner!

March 2010

Lifeline cover used as official image of the SFF-rated Science Fiction Film Festival in Athens, Greece.


production stills:

Here is some of the pre production work that went into making the film.

Some of the storyboards.

Director's Statement:

This film was originally going to be a little over a minute long. It was going to be more for the sake of "eye candy" than anything else. There were to be crazy machines and scientists floating around in space. Eventually, I decided to delve deeper into the story of why these things were happening. What surfaced was a six minute film with heavy undertones involving alternate dimensions and realities, as well as lost love and the persistence of the human spirit. The imagery which shaped the film was a result of my being influenced by classic sci fi films and tv episodes that I'd seen growing up.

-Andres Salaff

Screenings and Festivals:

-2009 Calarts Producer's show: Academy of Film and Television
-Official Selection: Aniwow, Beijing: International Student Film Festival 2009
-Official Selection: Uruguay International Animation Festival 2009
-NIght of Freakishly Short Animations: Presented by the Akron Museum of Art 2009
-Official Selection: 2D or Not 2D Animation festival, Washington 2009
-Official Selection: Santa Clarita Film Festival 2010
-Heart of Gold of International Film Festival: Gympie, Australia March 2010
-Savannah International Animation Festival, Savannah, GA 2010
-The Athens International Sci Fi Film Festival, Athens, Greece 2010
-35th annual Boston Science Fiction Festival, Boston, February 2010
-The Tallahasse Film Festival, Florida, April 2010
-Westchester Film Festival, Pensylvania, April 2010
-London Science Fiction Festival, 2010
-Citrus Cel Animation Festival, Jacksonville, FL April 2010
-Animayo, Las Palmas, Spain, 2010
-Tri City Independant/ Fan Film Festival, Richland, WA 2010
-Balticon 44, Baltimore, MD, May 2010
-2010 SAA Showcase, National Archives, Washington DC, June 2010
-Student Academy Awards, Los Angeles July 2010
-Comic-Con Independant Film Festival, San Diego, July 22, 2010
-Animation Block Party, Brooklyn, New York, July 30th, 2010
-Sacramento Film and Music Festival, Sacramento, Ca July 31st, 2010
-12th Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Germany October 2010
-Images en Vues Film Festival, Quebec 2010
-Angelus Student Film Festival, Los Angeles September 2010
-Norrkoping Film Festival Flimmer, Sweden 2010
-Finalist Screening: Angelus Student Film Festival, Los Angeles September 2010
-Manifest: Monterey Animation Festival, Monterey, Ca September 2010
-Official Selection Alphaville Film Festival, London September 2010
-Fantastic Planet, Sydney International Sci Fi Festival, Australia, October 2010
-Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival, Seattle, WA January 2011
-BAC 11.0, Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival, Spain, 2011
-SCDL International Short Film Series, Canton, OH, February, 2011
-19th annual Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil, July, 2011
-Fantiscifi, London, August, 2011
-Renovation Film Festival, Bakersfield July 2011
-Animators Hour at Northbridge Piazza, Perth Australia, January 2012
-Movie night at Space 1520, Los Angeles, Ca February 2012
-Sci Fi Shorts at Home Room Gallery, Los Angeles, April 2012
-Fenetre Sur Courte Film Festival, Brittany, France, May 2012
-Northside Festival (selections from ABP), Brooklyn, NY June 2012
-CINEASTIC GONDOLAS, Austria, December 2012
-Bari International Film Festival, Bari, Italy, March 2013

All work copyright andres salaff 2009.